Dear Soul on the other side of the screen,

It’s an honor to meet you here. I am Susanne Mendoza. My friends call me Suz.

Welcome…to this circle of the web, this grace-full space and tiny insight into who I am and how we can work together.

I’m an international coach and movement teacher, specialised in the fields of heart intelligence, energy psychology and conscious movement to remember. 

I support people like you remember the essence of who you are. And am here with unconditional love and safe space to help you create the relationship, career, a life you absolutely love. 

With a gentle, nurturing, and co-creative style it’s a privilege to guide you embodied through your emotional, intuitive, energetic and spiritual heart. My deep happiness is supporting you to birth to the most joyful, turned on, unlimited version of you!

A little more about me… 

I grew up in Papua New Guinea before moving to Australia in my early teens for high school, university and beyond. While based in Australia these past 25 years I’ve also been blessed to live, travel and work with incredible people across Europe, the US and Asia. Having traversed the globe in many different cultures and teachings in my personal questing, I feel most at home with the wisdom traditions that orient us all to our hearts as our most potent teacher; that sacred space and place that lovingly binds the separation we feel and connects us intrinsically to the truth, within. 

I offer the philosophical, spiritual studies of my own heart that have also come from my personal life experience in the areas of relationships, emotional healing, death and the transition of people closest to me I’ve loved dearly, dis-ease and transformation. From those places in my own life where it felt like every fibre of my being and existence were ripped and disassembled into infinite pieces, I’ve been granted tremendous growth and awareness. It’s one of the greatest gifts to serve from. 

In other forms of exploration and service, I’ve worked to establish small businesses across various industries including executive search, energy psychology, conscious movement and personal coaching. And extend the wisdom I’ve gained in these areas as a facilitator, trainer, guide and all I’ve learnt from coaching and sharing with hundreds of people across the planet this past decade.

I’m an introvert who is also a soul gazer, invitation maker, joy seeker and loving truth guide. This means I enjoy my privacy but am also so happy in see-ing the willingness to love and welcome new possibility in your eyes, in creating opportunities to circle up and dive deeper into ancient truth currents of the heart, and most importantly in gathering to experience more verve! 

My favorite place in the world is…my home. Italy. Fernando De Nehronia. Kauai. Anywhere there is a rose garden, roses, jasmine, gardenias. Giggling uncontrollably with dear friends. Whenever my body can’t not dance. The ocean and feeling the salty sand kissing my toes, the warmth of sun on my skin. In the exquisite words of Rumi, Hafiz, The Radiance Sutras. Serendipitous soulful connection with loving hearts in the unexpected. Helping others live what they want.

What I’ve come to understand is that the spiritual intelligence one seeks, doesn’t source from a life alone in a mind that knows the familiar. It is remembered through an active engagement of faith, vulnerability, openness, gentility; in letting go and embracing uncertainty in the face of adversity. Surrender is a tender, inner relationship with your own heart and your divine spirit. It’s not your job to know the answer, but to create the conditions for love; to remember and open for a greater intelligence to bloom like the most magnificent flower…beyond what you can imagine. Love heals all.

As a heart intelligence coach, energy psychology practitioner and trainer, dance and movement teacher ~ I’m interested in space. The space between the molecules. In creating more spaciousness within. I also believe in welcoming space at the proverbial table for every body. No matter your experience, culture, belief system, this space is for those of you committed to living in integrity, connected to a deeper truth. For you wanting to take responsibility to create the life you care to experience, cultivating consciousness and letting go of chaos. There is much honeycomb wisdom and sweet sweet nectar available for everyone when you summon that that serves the sacred inside of you and in the world. 

Here is an invitation to BE the carrier of those higher vibrational potentials where you can see and experience an expanded awareness. Just like the BEEs, the eagles, the condors who can see above denser energies, you too can create space within to feel the support and possibility around you. To vibrate, to see beyond. To live with unity consciousness, BE and feel the fluency of grace within your internal cathedral, this is the call to dance with greater perspective; to love and this life you’re choosing to live. Will you answer?


 Spaciousness is life!


Neuroplasticity has proven that you really are the chooser; you have the power to turn off the limbic brain and stress response in your body, and turn on the neocortex (relaxation response). You can change your biology and sense of reality by tuning into the power of your heart, shifting your thoughts, feeling, expanding your electromagnetic field, and moving your body. 

We know that everything is energy. I invite you to lead with LOVE. I invite you to listen to the melody of your heart, to activate your own energy and healing power. I invite you to open to your body’s innate intelligence, to be in your truth. I invite you to strengthen and expand your electromagnetic field. I invite you to reset the story that isn’t serving you. I invite you to be in the freedom of your choice. I invite you to re-establish that deep connection to the part of yourself that is both timeless and eternal, the part that never diminishes but only intensifies the more loving attention you give to it. I invite you to live your divinity. I invite you to create the life you want to experience. 

If you’re seeking guidance, a place to feel held in safe, loving, supportive space; if you’re ready to move into the life you want and if you’re ready to start taking clear, kind and powerful steps to live this, let’s connect.





Whenever I’m with her or think about Suz, I feel and know the “Power of Love”.

There is an emerging trend for many people at this time being called to embody more of the feminine essence, to articulate the lost arts of the sacred and purify our thoughts with the power of love. Suz is devoted to supporting individuals, groups and organizations to take this quantum leap of faith and live our most radiant light.

She is an embodiment of the heart chakra. She is an incredibly sensitive being who is inspiring all of us to know what she knows – that love is the alchemy we are all looking for.

Rochelle SchieckFounder of Qoya