Upcoming Workshops for 2019

 Qoya Workshop 21 December, 2019  — Resting in Chaos

What would it feel like to be truly honoured this season? And what if honouring yourself meant using the forgotten power that lives within you to co-create your reality with great spirit by nourishing the feeling of truth in your body

In this very special workshop we’ll step out of the urgency of linear time and activate the power of slowing down, feeling and listening more deeply to the wisdom of your body. Together in a love-full circle of women, we’ll support you to honor your truth by re-sensitizing your body through Qoya movement, ritual and relax. We’ll dance in the portal to remembering.

Join us to exhale. To nurture your body and soul with panoramic appreciation. This attuned time to gather is an opportunity to alchemise the busy the tumult of the reality you may be experiencing, into more spaciousness through golden rest and greater reverence.

Where: Gold Coast, Australia (venue tbc)
When: Saturday 21 December, 2019
Time: 2pm-4.30pm

*byo mat and water bottle. All ages and levels of experience welcome.  Note workshop is for women only. Please share the love with anyone else who may feel called to join!

 Qoya Initiation Teacher Training Gold Coast, Australia 

You’ve felt the call to share…

To study. To teach. To conduit your unique gifts with others through a heart and soul-centred offering. You want to do work that makes your heart sing! You want to feel on purpose, more connected; you want to share the love and wisdom you’ve received with your community. You truly want to support others to heal and grow and remember…read more here.