Is this You?

Something is missing, you don’t know exactly what. You want to experience deeper, more loving relationships. You want to feel more alive and wake up feeling excited. You want to reconnect with your natural joy, have more energy and live in greater alignment with the natural, abundant flow of life.

You’re interested in personal development and spiritual growth. You’ve read many books, listened to countless podcasts, watched hundreds of videos, attended webinars, paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to go to live workshops and events, paid memberships to online communities and bought a myriad of online products. They’ve helped, but you’re still not where you’d like to be.

You feel stuck and don’t know how to go about creating the life that, deep down, your heart truly desires…


Here’s the undisclosed to creating the life you want to live:


The journey begins when you make the decision to love yourself enough to courageously commit to 100% of what you believe in your mind, and know in your heart is possible.


Are you ready to love yourself this much? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to finally have what your heart truly desires?


My name is Suz and I support people like you remember the essence of who you are. I’m here as a certified heart intelligence coach with unconditional love and safe space to help you create the relationship, career, life you absolutely love living.

With a gentle, nurturing, co-creative style, it’s a privilege to guide you embodied through your emotional, intuitive, energetic and spiritual heart.

Over the past decade, I’ve had the honor to work with people across the planet from all dances of life. I’ve supported clients to create more space and clarity in their bodies and lives, and am so grateful to be in service to the deep recesses of spirit and heart. I’ve worked with providing executive coaching to successful corporate leaders, assisted artists, actresses, moms, teachers, doctors, authors, entrepreneurs, speakers, families and organisations through energy psychology, heart intelligence coaching and conscious movement practices.

In addition to the philosophical, spiritual studies of my own heart, the wisdom I’ve gained as a facilitator and all I’ve learnt from guiding hundreds of people; I also offer my personal life experience in the areas of relationships, emotional healing, death and the transition of people closest to me I’ve loved dearly, dis-ease and transformation.

I’ve designed various platforms and ways to serve by encouraging others to co-create their inner and outer reality with their conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions. To cultivate greater awareness and let go of chaos. And (with enormous pleasure) have been able to help create deeply satisfying loving romantic relationships, lifestyles, career choices aligned and experiences that have led to greater physical, mental and emotional health.

I also continue to invite those committed to personal responsibility, to experience a more intimate and direct connection to their Divine, Source, God, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit.

In essence, I’ve helped others give birth to the most loving, joyful, spacious, powerful, unlimited version of themselves and as a result, their lives have fully transformed.

And I can help you do the same.


If you’re ready to live in greater integrity connected to a deeper truth and want to start taking clear, powerful and courageous steps towards creating a life you love ~ your first step is to book a session with me.

During our 75 minute session I will:


  • Help you gain clarity regarding your current situation or challenge
  • Uncover any fears or blocks that are keeping you from taking action
  • Give you practical advice to help you start moving forward


You’ll leave the session with greater clarity and with a clear set of next action steps that will help you start manifesting the life and relationships you truly want. You’ll feel empowered.


Please Remember…


The world needs your unique gifts, skills, love and talents. Let’s work together and start turning your vision, purpose or project into a reality.


Let’s create your lifestyle, career, and relationships to be in alignment with your core values and the deepest desires of your heart.


Let’s get you unstuck, back on your path to BE-ing the most loving, joyful, powerful, unlimited version of you!



Suz Mendoza
Heart Intelligence Coach


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