Slow down. Feel more. Create more space. Dance into your spirit your sense-uality, embodied. Release tension. Clear. Move into more personal enquiry; into a realm of experience where your senses open wide to receive, time lingers and your soul is reminded of the whole person you are.

Combining years of movement, meditation and energetic practice as a certified yoga, qoya, sfactor and energy psychology teacher, trainer, facilitator it’s a privilege to guide you embodied through your emotional, intuitive, energetic and spiritual heart. Together we slow down, connect deeper to your body as your oracle, your true north your most eloquent guide. And we have lots of fun doing so!


Wherever you are, whatever is going on for you are you willing to open your heart even more?

Qoya is an invitation to dance into the heart of yourself. A celebration for the collective remembering to navigate life from a place of love and compassion.


This practice has enabled me to live a more embodied life; to connect deeper, receive more, give more and remember the physical sensation of truth in my body. This practice is like coming home in a deep and joyful way and has cultivated in me the ability to trust myself, my intuition and truly experience movement as medicine. 


As both a certified Qoya teacher and trainer, it’s an honor to offer sacred space and community for women to connect in ways you may never have before. This experience is a gift that extends far beyond your time on the dance floor ~ it moves into all the places of your life, your family, your community, your dreams. It’s a place to hear your soul’s deepest longings and listen to Her whispers of truth. Trust the call that has you even thinking about it. Read more here.


Regular classes each week on the Gold Coast, Australia

Wednesday nights 6-7.30pm

Where: State of Sahaja: yoga studio that gives back book here




Qoya Workshop April 21 Courage to Love in Turbulent Times  read more here


Qoya Workshop 18 May, 2019 Gratitude As a Superpower  read more here


Qoya Workshop 14 September, 2019 Honoring Your Sacred Work  read more here


Qoya Workshop 30 November, 2019 Resting in Chaos  read more here


Qoya Initiation Teacher Training November 2019 Gold Coast, Australia (date tbc) register your interest and read more here


Yoga is a complete, ancient, intelligent and proactive way of being. It’s a lifestyle, a way of existing, discovering, being more open and adaptable to change. More than mindfulness, spirituality, self-discovery and fitness, yoga has been a modality that has reconnected me back to my body in a most peaceful way. In those times that felt extremely confusing, this practice was a conduit to pull me back to my body back to my centre, to calm, to re-energise and open my heart to more grace, love and kindness. I offer this modality as a certified hatha + yin yoga teacher, as a way to be more present. A way to surrender, reset expectation and judgement and be at peace.

I love to offer Yin Yoga. Yin is like a deep deep bow of reverence to the divine ‘spark’ within. To the way we can all relax into the space between the molecules; to remember and create space for spirit and our own inherent capacity to heal through presence and the absolutely incredible mechanics of fascia in our body. Yin supports communication with our subtle energetic body through our meridian system, the ‘electrical highways’ of energy flow which can clear and create more Qi/life force when we slow down, be with, release tension and do less. We take a ‘shape’ in yin not necessarily to feel a stretch, but to elicit an energetic response. We don’t try to fix or change or force anything, we simply inhabit and allow. We re-learn to do less, feel more and develop greater patience, acceptance and the willingness to relax resistance. In relaxing into connective tissue, we have the opportunity to practice mindfulness not by going out, but coming further in. In this way there is the spaciousness to cultivate even more of an open heart, an open mind, compassion, awareness and space to respect our sweet body in this eternal now moment.


Sensuality Definition: Of the five senses; to see hear taste touch smell. The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical pleasure. The condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses. Radiant. Turned on. Alive. Luminous. Magnetic. Delicious.

Bespoke Journey ~ half day or full day experiences

These Bespoke Journeys are like entering bejewelled mysterious glistening golden gates into a world of luscious, curvaceous, scintillating aliveness. This program was created for women as a culmination and integration of all the magic in the sensuality, heart intelligent, coaching and energy practices I’ve embodied and guided with. Imagine knowing you can set yourself free, feel extraordinary, spacious and confident as your inhibitions roll off of your body, like liquid gold. Knowing you can enjoy a passage to turn illuminated, embodied, inner radiance on full blast.

See if you can find yourself here:

Constantly stressed and pushed to the limit. Depleted. Disconnected from your sensuality your sexuality, from feeling good in your body. Utterly exhausted. Wondering about your sex life with your Partner when you’re so burnt out. Your relationship feels distant, you want more fun. Your nervous system is constantly in fight or flight, worried as you feel the weight of tragedy and fear in the world each day. You feel like you have no time, especially no time for anything for you. You’re tense. Your emotions feel completely overwhelming. You’re foggy/unclear about who you are. You want to feel differently. You see the contrast of where you are now in your body and where you want to be and want the journey to be waaay more satisfying. You want to enjoy your upcoming wedding/event! Maybe you’re preparing for a role in an upcoming movie.

And you most want to feel…

Radiant. Turned On. Alive. Free. Luminous. Magnetic. Luscious. Happy. Peaceful. Trusting. In Love. Relaxed. Delicious. Soft. Open. Spacious.