As an international coach and movement teacher, I’ve followed my own call to learn, serve and specialise in the fields of heart intelligence, energy psychology and conscious movement to remember.

The answers you are seeking are found in the deep respect and reverence for what is true in your heart. Let more space beckon you to action. Let’s dive into the space between the molecules. Let’s receive in more space. Together we work to create a field, a universe unto yourself where personal responsibility summons a higher template of love for self and others, and those people and experiences you long for can meet you there, within.

As my own dear mentor has reminded me over, it is in spaciousness where the sacred can enter. Beyond the ideas of right and wrong; into your polished heart and an ocean of fluidity and grace.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

~ Jalal Ad-Din Rumi

Definition: The action of helping someone, an act of assistance. Kindness, courage, integrity, humility, generosity. Ceremony, ritual, solution. To help. To Love. Active Love.


Combing years and modalities as a certified heart intelligence coach, yoga, sfactor, qoya and energy psychology teacher, trainer and facilitator, I support people like you remember the essence of who you are. And am here with unconditional love and safe space to help you create the relationship, career, and life you absolutely love.

I offer a space and mind-set to nurture all that is occurring for you. We slow down. Feel more. Move into deeper awareness and trust. We flow into the ocean of your heart’s desire. We connect your inner knowing; the pure, essential truth of who you are with what you want to create and express out into the world.

With a gentle, nurturing, and co-creative style, it’s a privilege to guide you embodied through your emotional, intuitive, energetic and spiritual heart. My deep happiness is supporting you to give birth to the most joyful, turned on, unlimited version of you!

When you give yourself permission, take responsibility and make that decision to love yourself enough to courageously go after what you believe in your mind and know in your heart is possible, you also help each of us awaken, nurture and celebrate the truthful parts of ourselves that may have been dormant for a long time.

Life is a dance. And through consciousness and movement we remember our own inherent capacity to appreciate, create and enjoy this life we’re choosing.

If you’re seeking guidance, a place to feel held in safe, loving, supportive space; if you are committed to move into the life you want and if you’re ready to start taking clear, kind and powerful steps to live this, let’s connect. Join me in remembering through any of these offerings below.

Working with Suz is to be bathed in a warm, joyful, high vibration of love.

As a progressive, busy entrepreneurial woman with 7 children (5 still at home, 4 are stepchildren, 3 are under 8), exhaustion, numbness, overwhelm and feeling disconnected from myself happens on the regular. I have Suz on speed-dial when feeling like a weary warrior-ess. She receives me with open arms, grace and compassion. 

I partner with Suz because of her infectious laughter, her deep open hearted love, her luminescent radiance and her crazy knowledge of how to return me to myself.  She brilliantly weaves playfulness, intuition and deep listening to draw out the most tender truths and desires of my heart. The result is that I am clearer and more centred in who I am, my unique gifts, and my desire to be of service.

Pamela Whittaker Orvis