..to this exquisite corner of the web; this grace-full space and tiny insight into who I am and how we can work together.

My name is Suz and my desire here is to create and connect space to illuminate pathways to more of the love, truth, wisdom and source energy that flows through us each and every moment.

Our bodies will teach us everything we need to know.

I love to help people remember; to live their essence embodied, remove stress from their lives and heal through the ancient wisdom of mother nature. What I’m really known for is educating people like yourself to support in developing a successful and simple self-care practice with a gentle, lush, nurturing, co-creative style. My deep happiness is in guiding women who are leaders in their life, who desire to live turned on, radiant, happy, abundant and free.

At this point in time I’m enjoying the pleasure of leading retreats, working privately with clients world-wide, training trainers and teachers, co-creating and speaking at events; generally excavating more love and fun. You can find out more information here.

We know that everything is energy. I invite you to tap into your body’s own energy and healing power. I invite you to move, energize and open to your body’s innate intelligence, to be in your truth. I invite you to reset the story that isn’t serving you. I invite you to re-establish that deep connection to the part of yourself that is both timeless and eternal, the part that never diminishes but only intensifies the more attention you give to it. I invite you to play. I invite you to anchor your relationship to miracles.

Suz teaches straight from the heart. She has a way of inviting all bodies to move with such ease, and is incredibly intuitive. I always feel uplifted by her presence and our time together. I’m so grateful for her teaching as it has allowed my body to dive deeper into my feminine movement in a heart centered way and has given me permission to express all that I feel. Working with Suz has allowed me to connect to a deeper part of myself which in turn has rippled into all of my relationships in the most delicious way! Rhiannon Lawrence

Author, Coach & Founder of the Body Bliss Movement

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