Alchemising Stress Into Trust

Jan 3, 2018


This time space that heralds a new year, a new way forward is open to us all. The opportunity to reinvent and express more of your truth into the world is here. It’s now. Can you feel the sweet, strong yearnings of your soul for (more) passionate love and boundless living joy?!

Or are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, full with places to be, things to do differently and just can’t imagine how to get there? If you’re creating lists, boards, intentions, space and planning for more but those things and any kind of change doesn’t feel possible, how can it be?

It can be challenging to trust what you desire when there are powerful ways your subconscious is running this loop; that become apparent when you try to move forward differently but something keeps limiting. You can’t or you get stuck.


It’s a fact your body can become addicted to stress and suffering


However, you do have the capacity to end the habit. And as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, the possibility to end this cycle of negativity “lies in you – and in this case, in a very specific part of you. You can heal yourself emotionally by altering the neural networks in your brain.” Psychoneuroimmunology is beginning to help us understand the link between how we think and how we feel. By acknowledging that you are responsible for, and the only one who can create the change you seek, you can be free from the illusion of security and what is known, and welcome all you desire without limit.

It’s important to understand the ways you can alchemise any stress into trust and continue to move forward in harmony; in more of your truth, your willingness to express yourself and explore what it feels like to be more of who you are, aligned and in coherence with what’s known in your heart.

How do you recreate the neural networks in your brain and enter into trusting and moving your body, your choices and decisions in your next year ahead?


Committing to coming alive in ways your heart desires, especially when it feels incredibly challenging, requires shedding the fear of the unknown…and the known


Firstly, take a long, deep slow, intentional exhale. Inhale and exhale like this again. And again. And again. Let go

Commit to coming alive, to remembering and recreating yourself

Create space for consistent practice

Don’t feel like you have to go it alone

Find a trusted, heart- centred guide who can support you to identify and move through any recurring stress or limits, with evidence based modalities like EFT/Tapping, Meditation, a qualified and experienced therapist or intuitive healer who can work closely with you over time

Move your body, most importantly. Let movement be your medicine

Slow down. Feel more

Explore your body as a metaphor to the ways you want to feel. Move, walk, dance, stretch, yoga in the ways that make you feel connected and true (not just going through the motions)

Can you physically open your heart a little more? Lead with your heart as you move through your day? Can you slow down your walk or movement to pull you into the present, let go as you dance to your favorite song?

Embrace more of the unknown and experiment with greeting it as a place to all possibility instead of probability. Linger there

From that place of feeling connected, create the new that you want to feel

Do it often. Consciously. With reverence

Release control, let go, and allow for what you desire to take shape in the way that’s meant for you


Just like a rose in bloom that so exquisitely begins to open to all the elements as She enters into her fullness, her magnificent beautiful truth; so too is your capacity to reinvent, express and open to be your true self in the world. There will be wind, rain, sun, insects, storms, ALL the elements and many distractions which may be necessary to the parts of your wanting to grow, but ultimately your willingness to take what’s known in your inner world and express/offer it to your outer world in the unknown is the alchemy. It’s what’s honest, true and COMPLETELY MAGNETIC.

May we always choose those people and experiences most supportive and nourishing to our souls,




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