Be Truth

Nov 3, 2017


What does it mean to be in truth? To feel the physical sensation of truth in your body. What is your truth, that message you’re broadcasting to those you connect with each day? Truth. True. This. Now. What is it for you?

Uniquely your own, an echo of each heartbeat in this moment; truth isn’t black or white but the sum and color of all those exquisite emotions that when given permission to flow, make you already whole and who you are. As you move through each moment present to those feelings and wisdom within you; this awareness of your own truth can be your north star, your guiding light navigating you closer to your greatest desire.

Your heart knows the truth.

The HeartMath Institute has studies that prove the heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa and that the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain. Further, your heart energy and intelligence can be detected up to three feet away from the body, in all directions.

Truly knowing this you’d have to agree your body is infinitely incredible in the already built in technologies available to direct the experience you are moving through with each other person you connect with during your days. The truth of your heart can guide you to more of what the centre of the centre of your centre desires. And that will surely be, magnificent.

Let’s always tap into this wisdom.Your body savours the opportunity for truth, your body comes alive and blooms in clarity with truth. Your body exhales and relaxes in truth, and like the wind that rustles the leaves in the trees and elicits sweet birdsong from this place, so too can you sing your own unique song into the world and call to those things in joy. Call to those things you may need support with or support others with on their journey.

For many, discovering your body mind heart connection and acknowledging how you are feeling can be the shift you seek.

In those moments of feeling disconnected and not true, can you choose to listen and honor yourself and those around you? Maybe it’s the way you communicate with a friend or colleague, the ways you can/can’t ask for support, maybe it’s the way you ignore that subtle pain in your foot, the way you say yes when you really mean no to please someone else, maybe it’s the ways you share and listen in intimate relationship, maybe it’s ignoring the exhaustion you feel and desire to rest…

How to be in truth? To know this truth?

For those of you that know and work with me, know I support people to trust the language of their bodies, to listen, to trust and honor the way you feel. I believe in keeping it simple, sensual (of the five senses), reverent and easily accessible. Slow down. Pause. Breathe. Feel More. Dance (in a way that feels good in your body ). Choose. Decide consciously how you want to feel. Use intention. Choose to rest. Ground in nature. Acknowledge what is happening for you without judgment. Connect. Work with a trusted mentor/guide. Give yourself permission to be exactly where you are, and by the very nature of this allowing, see if you can notice and come back to the essence of who you are.

“Love sometimes wants to do us a great favour: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.”

Whatever it is for you on this full moon, are you willing to be more in your heart, to open and allow the grace that pours like liquid gold in, by being in truth? To acknowledge what is true for you right now and to really honor this; with your body, your thoughts, your being in the world?


May we always, in all ways choose our heart teacher, our truth,



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