Devotion To Truth

Apr 14, 2018

“…Like the radiance of the sun, The wisdom cycles of the moon,  The unique luminescence of each star That light, that thing that goes by thousands and thousands of names But remains ultimately unnamable Please hear our prayer to source back to that place To shine that light in this world as we sing the song of life  And dance this dance of life One more day. Aho!”

~Opening Sacred Space, Rochelle Shieck

How devoted are you to truth? I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve experienced or may be experiencing encounters where you’ve had to look closely at the integrity of your values and decisions, and perhaps those of the people around you. The action that’s taking place and not just words. Maybe you’ve felt various shades of wonder, disappointment, frustration…these emotions and movement if you listen closely, will lead you further to the truth of your heart.

Oftentimes we set out to commit to what we know will support us to sparkle some more, feel more expansive, stream with life force, feel fuller, more connected, to serve from this place ~ to then come up against inevitable challenges and consequently try to force, control or predict what happens in a way that does NOT feel good.

If this rings true for you, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the age old wisdom of practice and the way our ancestors knew how to devote themselves to their dreams still remains a powerful conduit to remember.. and is ALWAYS accessible. There’s no right or wrong way to remember your truth. Just the way that feels HONEST to you.

Webster describes PRACTICE as “to do or perform often, customarily or habitually. To perform or work at repeatedly so as to become proficient.” Shiva Rea in her text Tending the Heart Fire describes the word TAPAS, translated as “burning, unwavering devotion,” and “transformation through dedication.” In tending the Heart Fire, a tapas practice is anything you dedicate yourself to for a cycle of transformation.

Are you willing to continue to open your heart and devote yourself to your practice each day in a way that consciously and consistently cultivates loving kindness and reverence to YOUR truth (in self-care this could be anything from meditation, being in service, a form of movement your enjoy like dancing, nourishing food, meaningful friendships and the people you choose to spend time with, the words you use to honor for example)?

Where is that place that resonates as truth in your own heart; that gives you peace in your mind, that feels true in your soul no matter what is going on around you? And how can you consistently offer to that? To that thing that feeling that goes beyond words..

There is an intelligence; a consciousness and awareness that always matches your efforts. It’s completely present with you and responds and interacts according to who you’re being (feeling and thinking). In staying with it, committing to the surrender and offering of your thoughts, emotions, your body and your heart each day you CAN become what you want to create, aligned and in truth. Keep tending your truth, even when it feels hard (and especially then), and bestow compassion and kindness for yourself in the process.

Let go of the denser energy in your body and any controlling thoughts about the ways you think you’re supposed to be feeling. This is part of it; to acknowledge, to feel the contrast and to keep opening to the light. Part of the process is also making way for the unfoldment… creating space for surprise and the unknown; for the experiences and people that can be far greater, more love-full, joyful and more inspiring than you can ever imagine.

As fact in quantum physics the inner-connected web of life, source energy, lives in all things. It expands and grows and cycles. There’s no end point. It’s mysterious and wonder-full. The same energy that creates tides in the ocean, flowers to grow, the balmy summer breeze in the trees, a child to giggle, a beautiful sunset ~ is the same energy that lives in and is available to you.

Just like in any relationship the more you love, the bigger your love gets

The more you can acknowledge and attune to; create reverence in your life and devote yourself to what you want to create in truth, the more connected you will feel to yourself and to everyone and everything around you. The louder your call will be to attract what you want to experience. As you continue to practice and embody the truth of what you want, the more you will continue to shine. That light, that thing that goes by thousands of words but remains unnameable…is the truth. Your shine. The unique luminescence of you. It’s Divine.

To your radiance,



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