As an international facilitator, embodiment coach, founder and creator of Electric Embodied Poetry®, I specialise in somatic healing and soul~full conscious movement to remember and restore sacred pleasure. Here in unconditional Love and safe space, it’s a privilege to support you deeper on your journey to remember the essence of who you are, embodied. 

The answers you are seeking are found in the deep respect and reverence for what is true for you. Let more space beckon you to action. Let’s dive into the space between the molecules. Let’s receive in more space. Together we work to create a field, a universe unto yourself where personal responsibility summons a higher template of Love for self and others, where those people and experiences you long for can meet you here, within.

As my own dear mentor has reminded me over, it is in spaciousness where sacred truth can enter and inhabit. Beyond the ideas of right and wrong, into your heart and an ocean of fluidity and grace.


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

~ Jalal Ad-Din Rumi

Electric Embodied Poetry® for Couples

Electric Embodied Poetry® honors the sanctity of the deep reservoirs of Truth and Pleasure within


The Nectar of You

Move into the unique nourishment of your own personal enquiry with Electric Embodied Poetry®


Deep Water Wise

An Electric Embodied Poet’s®
Journey IN to Oceanic Treasure

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With a gentle, nurturing, co-creative practice and thirteen years of experience guiding and working with hundreds of people across the planet, I offer support through conscious movement and somatic healing journeys + heart intelligent coaching + energy psychology + sensual and erotic discovery programs as a certified teacher trainer and facilitator.

In service to the recesses of the heart and the sanctity of the deep reservoirs of Truth and Pleasure within, I’ve worked with successful corporate leaders, artists, actresses, moms, daughters, teachers, doctors, authors, healers, entrepreneurs, speakers, families and various organisations committed to conscious personal responsibility and the power of the body’s inherent capacity to heal and create. 

I offer Loving, safe space to nurture all that is occurring for you and help you create the relationship, work in the world and life you absolutely Love. We slow down. Feel more. Move into deeper awareness and trust. We flow into the ocean of your heart’s desire. We connect your inner knowing; the pure, essential truth of who you are with what you want to create and express out into the world.

When you give yourself permission, take responsibility and make that decision to Love yourself enough to courageously express and create what is coherent within you, you also help each of us awaken, nurture and celebrate the truthful parts of ourselves that may have been dormant for a long time.

Life is a dance. And through conscious embodiment practices we remember our own inherent capacity to appreciate, create and enjoy the life we choose. To thrive in the Mystery. These programs are designed to let go of chaos, cultivate greater awareness and support you to co-create your inner and outer reality with the conscious language of your body, movement, belief systems and emotional artistry unique to you. You CAN experience the physical, mental and emotional vitality and Loving passionate life you want.

It’s a privilege to guide you embodied to be in the gift of restoring reverence. Here we acknowledge the mysterious depths that bring the unseen into seen, the agency of the sacred that lives within and allows you to translate the ineffable into art. My deep happiness is supporting you to give birth to the most joyful, turned on, creative and unlimited version of you.

If you’re seeking guidance, a place to feel held in safe, loving, supportive space; if you are committed to move into the body of life you want and are ready to start taking clear, kind and powerful steps to live this, let’s connect. Join me in remembering through any of the offerings above.


Definition: The action of helping someone, an act of assistance. Kindness, courage, integrity, humility, generosity. Ceremony, solution. To help. To Love. Active Love.

“I have had the juicy pleasure of being led in sensual movement and dance by Suz. With her guidance, I am instantly transported to a place where deep breaths and sighs naturally flow, where I remember that I am a curvy, succulent woman, where I reconnect to the simple joy of moving my feminine body.

Equal parts guardian angel, magical fairy, love warrior and big-sister cheerleader, Suz will nurture, coax and alchemize your fears, overwhelm, disconnect into your deepest and truest version of yourself as superhero, bad ass, radiant woman!”

Pamela Whittaker Orvis

“For me time with Suz is like a deep tissue massage of mind body & soul. By my second session I was releasing long held negative emotions. I experienced a lightness of being after that. Suz has a totally ‘heart based’ approach to her teaching which gives me the feeling that every one of my cells has been nurtured.”

Annthea Mattheson

Suz is the permission slip your soul is yearning for to access, feel and express itself. Working with Suz has so many layers of alchemy that weave their way into your being and you can’t help but transform… but with pleasure. Instead of things feeling hard and resistant, Suz’s gentle encouraging heart guides you into unfolding yourself. Creating deeper connection with yourself, loving all of you and having the spaciousness within to EXPRESS who you are. It was such a gift to myself but a total devotion to our relationship to work with Suz in this way as a couple. We saw each other in ways we hadn’t before. It was profound and exquisite.”


“Whenever I’m with her or think about Suz, I feel and know the “Power of Love.”

There is an emerging trend for many people at this time being called to embody more of the feminine essence, to articulate the lost arts of the sacred and purify our thoughts with the power of love. Suz is devoted to supporting individuals, groups and organizations to take this quantum leap of faith and live our most radiant light.

She is an embodiment of the heart chakra. She is an incredibly sensitive being who is inspiring all of us to know what she knows – that love is the alchemy we are all looking for.”

Rochelle Shieck
Founder of Qoya

“I recognise in both your personal embodiment as well as what/how you teach, a powerful and unique expression of the profound sacredness of women’s sexuality. It is simply stunning, mesmerising, like a direct transmission of grace from the Goddess through you ? This is exactly what I’ve been longing for and you share it so gracefully and powerfully.

Through working with you I’ve experienced a coming home to my own deep embodied sensual self expression through dance as a healing modality and as an act of worship of the Divine Feminine. The inter- generational healing Caitlin and I have experienced through dancing with you has been so deeply transformative – not just for us but for our whole lineage.”

Sharon Maloney
Author of Activate Your Female Power: Reclaim Your Body, Fertility, Health, Happiness and Confidence as a Woman

“Working with Suz is to be bathed in a warm, joyful, high vibration of love.

As a progressive, busy entrepreneurial woman with 7 children (5 still at home, 4 are stepchildren, 3 are under 8), exhaustion, numbness, overwhelm and feeling disconnected from myself happens on the regular. I have Suz on speed-dial when feeling like a weary warrior-ess. She receives me with open arms, grace and compassion. I work with Suz because of her deep open hearted love, her infectious laughter, her luminescent radiance and her crazy knowledge of how to return me to myself.  She brilliantly weaves intuition, playfulness, and deep listening to draw out the most tender truths and desires of my heart. The result is that I am clearer and more centred in who I am, my unique gifts, and my desire to be of service.”

Pamela Whittaker Orvis

“I cultivated a deeper connection to what my body actually yearns for and also what lives inside me, what wants to be spoken. Through the movement and working with various archetypes I was able to access parts of me that I don’t usually permit.”


“Something opened…

I woke this morning to waters flowing from my yoni… dripping ?

Feeling this… the body’s waters swelling. Like saliva building in the  the mouth. Thank you thank you thank you.”


“Suz teaches straight from the heart. She has a way of inviting ease, and is incredibly intuitive. I always feel uplifted by her presence and our time together. I’m so grateful for her heart centered permission to express all that I feel. Working with Suz has allowed me to connect to a deeper part of myself which in turn has rippled into all of my relationships in the most delicious way!”

Rhiannon Lawrence
Author, Coach & Founder of the Body Bliss Movement

“Suz is a rare human being, one that is very hard to come by. I believe Suz has a gift. Her presence is captivating and her exceptional heart beams with radiant unconditional love and divine feminine energy. She has a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to impact humanity in a heartfelt way.

Suz is an extraordinary coach and trainer and a blessing to anyone in her presence. She is a phenomenal speaker and a contributor to many causes -always going over and above in helping people to find their inner greatness and navigate through this thing we call life.”

Kim Burke

“Suz created space to open my heart. Our sessions were completely tailored and as a result of this beautiful journey, I felt so calm and completely surrounded by love. I was truly present and enjoyed every moment of my very special wedding day. Thank you so much Suz, you have a gift my gorgeous friend.”

Sophie Erskine

“I’ve been to Suz’s workshops before and they are truly something special. If you want to feel sensual and express it in soft, feminine movement, if you want to feel wild and express that in movement, if you want to express your deep inner self and express that in movement, Suz provides a safe, dimly lit, sensual space and expert guidance about how to drop in to your body and let it purr awake!”

Sharon Moloney
Author of Activate Your Female Power: Reclaim Your Body, Fertility, Health, Happiness and Confidence as a Woman

“Having Suz as my teacher has been an incredible blessing. Using her deep knowledge in numerous modalities, she’s woven in the perfect, customized and holistic experience that has significantly supported my healing journey, giving me greater clarity on who I really am.

Suz is one of the most kind, allowing, optimistic humans I’ve ever met. It’s her superpower, and can break down walls and open up parts in you you didn’t even know existed. Plus the dancing is so ridiculously, sensuously fun.”

Natalie Allen
Online Marketing Expert

“Suz Mendoza is a truly gifted and intuitive healer and I highly recommend working with her through her powerful offerings. In only two sessions Suz was able to help me resolve some issues around money/abundance/worthiness. With Suz’s gentle guidance with energy psychology work I was able to dissolve those limiting beliefs and feel empowered me to make some bold decisions that have truly PAID off! My fee increase was happily accepted, I invoiced the most in a 2-week period than I have in over 3 years, and my private practice is growing phenomenally! I am so blessed – thank you Suz!”

Lisa M. Thompson, BS, NTP

“If you are dealing with something that has caused trauma in your past you need a visit with Suz. Her soft voice and gentle approach will put you immediately at ease and her beautiful, warm energy will ensure you feel safe and protected. There is no better soul to guide your energy and facilitate changes in your body and Field on a molecular level.”

Vicki Neuman

“My family and I have known Suz for many years now and she is a beautiful soul. When you are around her, you can’t help but feel drawn to her serene and joyful energy. She helped my 11-year-old daughter prepare for her school election using energy psychology work and the result was fantastic; my daughter overcame her anxiousness, spoke confidently to her class and ended up winning the election!”

Doris Young
Life Fulfillment Expert

“Working with Suz is a privilege, an honour and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Her offerings have been a complete game changer. I came to my first session wide eyed, very nervous and with a deep knowing that I needed to learn how to be more in my body. I could not have picked a more perfect teacher, mentor, facilitator. Suz holds a profound alchemical space for deep, lasting transformation. All expressions of emotion and body are welcome and the acceptance she radiates is immensely healing. I have felt seen and witnessed with utter tenderness and vulnerability. If you have even the slightest notion that you’re ready to drop into new levels of embodiment, emotional intelligence, sacred sensuality and soulful purpose – you need to work with Suz.” 


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