Infinite Remembering

Jun 13, 2018

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open,

Don’t go back to sleep.”

~ Rumi


Do you remember?

Do you remember that how you treat/judge/love others is a reflection of how you treat/judge/love yourself? That you can meet yourself in billions of different ways?

Do you remember the alchemy of love and kindness is always the remedy? For everything

Do you remember how powerful your very own breath, your sound, your touch and your movement the language of your body are?

Do you remember you are never alone?

Do you remember that you have your very own inner mama that can soothe, love and nurture you?

Do you remember there is a wave in each moment for you, available to anywhere? A wave and particle that presents as a choice to ride, to resist, to hide from – that will directly affect how you experience life?

Do you remember you are an embodiment of your soul?

Do you remember the more humble you are, the more powerful you are?

Do you remember that what you resist, persists?

Do you remember trusting your heart will lead you to your truth and to more love? Your heart knows

Do you remember your transmission is beyond words? It’s not just mind to mind, how you’re being is what you’re teaching. How you do anything is the conversation, the message

Do you remember that time dancing, laughing, poetry and singing your heart out with friends is the best cure?

Do you remember that together is always better?

Do you remember your thank you, your appreciation matters? Your words create your reality and can transform, soften and open so much. They are elixrs to more to be grateful for

Do you remember there are a million and more different paths and different ways to lead you home…and that home is here, in you now?

Do you remember there is always more room to relax?

Do you remember your body is your very own cathedral?

Do you remember that just as the sun in the sky illuminates, nourishes, warms and creates, you have your own energetic centre within with just as much potency and importance? Your own inner sun, a ‘city of jewels’, brilliant in its infinite supply of life force to your entire be-ing from the centre of your very own body?

Do you remember you’re not here to just go through the motions, but to experience life as sacred?

Do you remember on the other side of the pain and discomfort, the transformation is so very sweet and knowing and new and full with possibility?

Do you remember that letting go is freedom?

Do you remember that here and now is all there is?

There will continue to be seasons and cycles that challenge us to remember…when the mind will be confined in lack and fear, unable sometimes to listen to the heart. Know you have the resources within to remember there’s more than your eyes can see, because it is FELT. Love can always find a way.


Remember, to remember.




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