Let’s Begin

Oct 18, 2017

“But now I’ve seen it through…And now I know the truth…That anything could happen. Anything can happen. Anything can happen…” Elle Goulding 


I’m at a new beginning. Are you?

I am in what seems like the most challenging and expanding year of my life.

I feel the sweetness AND the bitter-sweetness of new beginnings. The epic let go of life that was hurtling one way in so much conviction in love and relationship, new home, new country(ies), new family, new creative work, ever expansive heart. And then entry into a new way, a new life, a newer home, ever ever more expansive heart.

Updated after major re-route. Chaos. Stillness. Wonder. Forgiveness. Now possibility in a very sudden, different way. With so much permission to feel the resistance and reluctance, to move from the what was and into the flow, into the current of new possibility. To always listen to my heart teacher. Quantum leaps in consciousness and golden receiving wisdom in living this life fully, feeling it all with grace and moments that don’t feel very grace-full.

I’d like to share with you what I’m learning right now.

Time is now.

Remembering. The time is now. Now is all we have. This now moment. This juncture. This moment is the wind that carries the end of the heart-shaped arrow and bow of desire. The opening to all possibility, to all effervescent truth. Standing in truth. Shining bright and full.

Being in the paradox of what is can sometimes distract us from the very core or essence of what we desire. What is your desire? What’s been your wish? Your dream? That thing, person, experience, project, creation, FEELING that you’re yearning to bring to life and live fully? That whispers at your core, relentlessly? In this moment?

Taking the first step can be painful.

The hardest part is to begin; to show up, to make time to create, to start. To be vulnerable. If you’ve been sitting in that spot that little nook of a shadow that begs you to stay comfortable, to distract, to procrastinate, to ignore, to mask, to overcompensate, to stop, to doubt, I invite you to journey with me. We’re here. To be in truth. In love. Aligned. To begin a new beginning. Furrreal. As the seasons change so can the fruit of our desire. Know what you want to create. Understand the subconscious limits that may be holding you back, commit to shifting these, and allow yourself to receive in the unfoldment of what you want.

Don’t go it alone.

It’s important to ask for support. And then maybe even more so, to really receive it. In this truth, courage and call out amid much uncertainty, we can grow, soften and allow in intentional space created. Knowing when and how to ask for help can support in navigating this sometimes unfamiliar, challenging, sometimes overwhelming portal to more. Even with all the things we know, sometimes what we need is to truly relax into heart centred guidance, with someone who can remind us of the sovereign star seat our soul so beckons us to sit in, with knowing and love.

If you are at a new beginning, I can support you with this. See here all the ways we can move through whatever you’re needing, together.

The other side of transformation, what flows from an intention to BEGIN and the active love in beginning, can spring forth (like an overflowing fountain!) so much clarity, happiness, freedom, confidence, compassion, ease, joy and miraculous openings and possibly.

Start. Begin. Open. Anything can happen.


With love,



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