Feb 13, 2018


All the great sages, truth seekers, creators and artists throughout time, and maybe even you reading this now.. have come to know the pursuit of life is in fact, the pursuit of LOVE. Whole body exhale. Aaahhhhhhh. Shoulders relax, cheek muscles soften, perhaps the curves of the corners of your mouth turn upwards )


We love love. We believe in love, truth, kindness, reverence, play, gratitude, miracles, in pleasure. We are devoted to love and deep deep trust.


This month evokes many different sentiments. What’s yours? My wish is that you continue to choose love. And my invitation is simply whatever fills your heart with love ~ feel/do/experience that as often as you can. The ability to give and receive love is about working your way into the world with greater depth, awareness, and being open to live the wisdom and beauty of your heart beyond what you can imagine.


Anne Davin writes “To fall in love, is really to fall into an expansive and limitless space, where the edges of your reality are morphed and magical synchronicities tease you into a faith so deep you align with your notion of a god or goddesses will.”


I’d love to share one of my favorite pieces of writing that elicits this magic and deep alignment so exquisitely (from Lorin Roche’s The Radiance Sutras) below. Read slowly. Linger with each sentence as the words roll around inside of you..


“The air I am breathing was exhaled in ecstasy

By an ancient sun.

This earth I am standing on

Was born of cosmic fire.

The blood flowing through my veins

Is as salty as the primordial ocean.

The space permeating my body

Is infinite as the space all around.



As above, below, to all sides, within,

The elements of the universe

Are engaged in their ceremony of delight.



This is my religion.

The attraction between suns

Is the same

As the love pulsating in my heart.”



Whatever is reverent and beautiful to you, create more of it with all your heart. Share, read or send your favorite poem/ lyrics/piece of meaningful writing/something special to someone you love. Savor the delight of giving and receiving love.


May we always, in all ways, CHOOSE LOVE



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