We love Love.


We believe in Love, truth, kindness, reverence, play, gratitude, integrity, humility and grace


We are devoted to Love and deep deep trust



Did we mention that we’re Lovers?


We also believe..

  • Everything is energy
  • Every one of us has a unique soul curriculum and contribution to our planetary healing and evolution
  • In following the feeling in your body (that feels good) and that

Your body your heart is your oracle, your true north, your most eloquent guide

  • Everything is within
  • There is no right or wrong way, just consciousness
  • In finding relief that it’s just the life we’ve chosen..to BE in the Mystery!
  • We are all a vertical axis to the stars and to the core and pulse of Mother Earth
  • We all have direct access to the sacred, to the Divine within
  • Your Beloved is in your heart
  • We believe in caring deeply for each other

We believe….


Each of us knows and understands how to wake up

  • We all have the ability to activate and navigate fundamental energies at work
  • We are all already whole
  • We believe in the eloquence of gratitude
  • In kindness, integrity, humility, generosity, reverence, loyalty, celebration, family, respect, deep listening, deep seeing, deep Loving. 
  • In surrender; the art of letting go
  • Part of our role is to partner with these deep painful aspects we meet and continue to grow
  • In this subatomic existence; we are all particles of stardust moving around, dancing in space
  • Our thoughts are extremely powerful

Spaciousness is the currency of life

  • We all have the capacity to reset our stories at any moment in time, to transform and be the heroines/heroes of our own journey
  • To be in relationship is the highest state of be-ing
  • All challenges are here to help us Self-realise
  • Anything is possible and healing miracles are a natural way of be-ing
  • This body is a glorious miracle and deserves deep appreciation. It so dearly yearns and needs to be watered with Love, nurture and devotion

We also believe…


In courage

In ritual

In active Love

We know….

  • Everything inside this reality is a hologram, a mirror a reflection of ourselves
  • Inner and outer planes reflect each other. Go further into acceptance and self forgiveness
  • The feminine opens and blooms with radiance, light and astonishing Love when She feels safe honoured and cherished
  • The feminine body is our most intimate connection to the Earth and all healing

Pleasure is the ambassador of eternity

  • You can continue to expand the capacity to feel pleasure in your body
  • And stand for what’s on the other side of transformation
  • Movement is medicine
  • The more we tune into and live fully expressed embodied, the more we can turn on, the more we can receive

That feeling in your body is your north star

We Believe…

  • In sacred Loving safe space
  • In celebrating the language of our bodies hearts and souls without fear, shame or taboo
  • That through movement we remember
  • In connecting space for others to remember and receive for themselves

All life is made of the same space in animating life force

  • We are all participants in a quantum Field; we are part of the trillions of vibrating light and energy frequencies that all matter is made of
  • We are connected to and part of a whole consciousness
  • We believe in listening to our heart teacher
  • That everything is better together
  • The solutions the world is calling for are probably mostly going to be non-linear ~ we’re going to need a lot of people (you. me) to trust ourselves and connect deeply through the school of internal validation
  • We believe in conscious, Loving communication
  • Every word every gesture every intention can be generous and elegant with Love in giving
  • The wisdom of water is everything
  • We learn not only through pain and contrast, but also through grace and community and kindness
  • We value sacred connection to the Earth as our spiritual Mother
  • We create spaces that honor the power of nature to support us to live and restore Divine balance

We are all connected

In profound simplicity

  • We believe in deep respect and reverence for what is true.
  • It’s up to us to make it fun
  • In singing, laughing, dancing A LOT!
  • In the space between the molecules
  • In creating more space

Life really is a dance

  • We believe in a lifestyle of reverence
  • That what you look for will likely be…look to feel good and it will come
  • This is a literal, metaphorical, mythological life with many many pathways to more
  • We are here to learn grow evolve and to polish our hearts

We really are the choosers

  • You can do this. You are supported. You are Loved. You ARE Love
  • The best way to learn is by saying yes
  • Courage is sacred, magnificent, inspiring ~ the quality most central to being, living, evolving, continuing to Love even when it’s hard
  • It’s not good or bad, just conscious or unconscious
  • There is a brilliance that got us here that will get us through…that Grace is LOVE
  • We believe in choosing Love over fear and
  • Inevitably we come back to Love

And we know..

  • The matrix for creation really is within each of us
  • Kindness, integrity, humility, generosity are the most impressive, influential, Loving virtues to live that will carry us all forward
  • We know life is our soul-embodied university full of grace, eternal opportunities to learn and remarkable gifts
  • We know about choosing and sharing Love and all the miracles this choice brings


May we always, in all ways, CHOOSE LOVE

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