One Acceptance

Mar 13, 2018


Are you noticing the duality of your life at the moment and perhaps feeling a little confused or bemused; struggling or conflicted with a sense of being pulled in more than one direction? 

It can be challenging to remember and ground yourself when your mind is running and attempting to find solutions. You may be trying to surrender conflict between what has been and what needs to be, the old and new, having to be in one place or another, between passion and duty, this or that role, which decision/path to take next and what that means, this or that attached identity, creativity or rationality. Sometimes the struggle is apparent not in the thing that is being called into more depth and fullness, but the idea that it can only be one or the other! 

Beyond the apparent polarity and struggle there is a way to receive support and truly relax into the truth. The truth is, you are where you are now. When you can accept all the parts of yourself and your life as they are instead of thinking they have to be different or separate from what is, there is an innate genius that can be summoned in this exhale. With waaay less effort. 

Life reorganises when you’re able to relax in this moment of all that is. A certain enchantment occurs in the electromagnetic field around you when you accept and release the struggle. Unseen, brilliant quantum rhythms co-conspire to integrate the elements of conflict into a congruent, more coherent, unified, ally with your heart..

How do you support yourself in this kindling of acceptance and truth?


Check in with the biomechanics of your body – are you tense, contracted, have you been sitting in the same state trying to shift? 

Move your body in a way that feels good, that helps you smile – stretch, walk in nature, dance to music that moves you and your favorite song, yoga, qoya, undulate, shake your body ing a way that’s playful, give yourself permission to enjoy moving and shifting from just going through the motions into a pleasure state 

Slooooow down. Your walk, your talk, your schedule 

Create more space in your day for quiet – get grateful, reflect on what’s most important to you 

Acknowledge what you’re feeling and find acceptance – journal, meditate, ask yourself how you’re feeling and what else could this mean? 

Commit to choosing love and kindness and taking action to support what’s important to you right now. Can you release attachment and fear? 

Breathe deeply: Inhale fully and completely, exhale any tension and follow your exhale all the way to the end. Do this again. And again. And again.. 

Be present. Attend to what is before you in each moment. Allow it to be simple


May we remember we are all one,




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