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Feb 27, 2018


Life is showing up for you in every moment. Can you feel it? Can you engage with and most importantly, can you receive it?

Maybe this is something you (like all of us at some stage of a/many cycles in our lives) are finding challenging right now. It can sometimes be difficult to receive what you want if you’ve become used to trying to control every part of each of your day ~ like arriving at that place or meeting on scheduled time, completing that project, taking care of children, your partner, meals, colleagues, deadlines. Pushing upstream to get it all done. Moments with others get uncomfortable. Maybe you become unable to notice the smiles, twinkles, love and kindness in your day..

Know that when your body is stressed, tightens and contracts or you become aware you’re ignoring something, you actually have an option. You can have what we know as that fight or flight response OR you can choose to breathe, acknowledge/claim the emotion you’re feeling, and be willing to stay present in that moment. Knowing the latter option will enable receptor sites on your body to open to receive greater connection, intimacy and health.

The truth is, there is an extraordinarily amazing opportunity to receive when you open to what’s being presented in a (perhaps uncomfortable) moment.


For example:

When someone offers you a compliment, allow yourself to feel what that’s like for you and then look into their eyes and say ‘thank you’ (no other words or explanations needed!)

If someone else offers to organise something for you that would be helpful, that you want, let your body relax and say ‘thank you, I’d so appreciate that’. Allow them to do this for you.

When your lover wants to appreciate you with his/her gentle touch, take a deep breath, stay present, communicate how you feel. Continue to breathe. Relax. Open. Savor every sensation…


What if you could really truly let go and just be here? Be truly present with those around you and whatever you are experiencing; be WILLING to receive through conscious intention, through words, through movement. To connect more deeply with yourself and your loved ones?

In Self-Care today, choose any/all of these inspirations below to RECEIVE MORE:


1. Get GRATEFUL. If you haven’t already say out loud right now 3 things/people/experiences you’re grateful for. And really mean it. Give thanks through your words your eyes your smile your patience your compassion your kindness.

2. Write down or say out loud at least 3 things you’re proud of about yourself today.

3. Consciously choose what you want and be willing to receive it. Energetically let the love in. Breathe deeply. Allow your breath to soften your body. And then let it go to the universe to take shape in the perfect timing for you.

4. Physically lead your body with your heart today as you walk the streets, the corridors at work, through the airport, the restaurant, at home. Let your heart lead you. Notice what happens.

5. Practice giving what you want to receive in a way that feels good! We especially love this treasure: Turn up the volume of this song (or another you love) and dance in a way to give what you want the most! Whatever that is, for the timing of this song, dance and imagine giving what you want. Giving it with your body, giving it with your thoughts, giving it with your heart, maybe giving it with those words…perhaps visualizing helping someone else receive it.. Keep opening your heart as you dance. Dance in a way that feels good to you. Surrender into what you want.

6. Give yourself a couple of moments to just BE. Let go of any tension in your body with your breath. Feel your shoulders relax. Place your hands on your heart; your heart that beats every day without you having to do anything. Be grateful for this. Feel the rise and fall of your chest. Let your body rest and receive this moment. Be present..

..and allow yourself to receive the presents of presence!


With love,



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