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Electric Embodied Poetry® ~ The Nectar of You is an opportunity to work privately one-on-one with Suz. This is a twelve-week program designed to nurture and heal your relationship with your body and polish your innate embodied poetry (your Loving Truth).

In safe Loving space you’ll discover new ways to play, partner with and clear the weather patterns of e-motion. Through soul full sensual body led movement and somatic healing practices, conscious breath awareness and meditation, energy play, creative poetry invitations and ritual you’ll turn on the brilliance of your very own landscape. You’ll re-member how to nourish, water and restore sacred pleasure to your body and to the Earth, and learn to harness this creative energy to fuel your desires.


This specially curated embodiment program will support you to let go of tension overwhelm discomfort and doubt, clear what’s not serving you and recreate the mythology of your body consciousness.

Remember and recharge the language of your body the way it is designed without fear or shame. Discover ways of experiencing healthy empowered emotional wellness. Learn to speak the language of your body with playful clarity and experience more permission to feel fully expressed, to live wholly alive as a powerful magnet in natural ambrosial flow.


To schedule please complete and submit the request form link below. I am available in service live and online. Your privacy is important to me, you and your information will be held in the utmost confidentiality.


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Your privacy is important to me, you and your information will be held in the utmost confidentiality.

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To provide the utmost amount of personal attention and care, Suz works with a small number of clients at any one time. Please contact us here for more information and scheduling.

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