Timeless Dreaming

Nov 16, 2017

“Feels like I’m standing in a timeless dream 
Of light mists of pale amber rose
Feels like I’m lost in a deep cloud of heavenly scent 
Touching, discovering you…”  –Betty Who


Can you dance with the mystery of challenge of discomfort of pain, with just as much fervour as you dance when everything is glorious? Can you be luminous in it all? Be in celebration of each emotion?

I’m soaring through light, dark, clarity, fogginess, serendipity, connection and the pathways this great mystery beckons to even greater Trust. Are you?

Some days this month feel luminescent, effervescent, candescent, so full so lit up so turned on. Others have embodied dark grey tones; have been so unsparkly, the polar negative. The invitation to take life and all of its’ mystery as a dance partner is rife. To ungrasp the reigns of control and instead of resisting what is; to not pretend it has to be a certain way or different to what is.


Instead of trying to understand it all and being in your head, choose to come back to your body in remembering; embrace what is and allow it to lead you into the next season of love as part of something much larger than yourself.


How do we do this?

Slow Down. Begin to breathe more deeply. Can you notice the temperature of air around you? Can you steady your walk and relax the muscles in your face and shoulders? Create more space in your day. Feel More. Can you feel the way the fabric of your shirt is against your lower back? The cool breeze at the back of your neck? Give yourself permission to giggle uncontrollably, cry a little longer, acknowledge and honor those emotions that are guiding you. Choose the way you want to feel, listen to the language of your body, the thoughts you want to think, what you want to believe – and move in this direction any way you can.

May that light, that thing that goes beyond words, continue to inspire and guide us to more love,





PS. Did you know that chronic stress is thought to play a role in speeding up the degradation of telomeres (the protective cap on the ends of strands of dna found in almost every cell in your body), and that we can influence this by changing our perceptions? See how I can support you with this further here.



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