To Feel Free

Jan 19, 2018

“Like a true nature’s child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high…” Steppenwolf


In this season of creating the updated next version of yourself; of letting go of those things that no longer serve and continuing to open and experience life … do you feel free?

I walk each morning on the beach near my home. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love the feeling of the sand between my toes, the life force and music of the ocean, the warm rays of sun that kiss my skin, the taste of salt on my lips. This rhythm I’ve come to expect as something that feels harmonious to me. I know how I’m going to feel at the end of this time each day..

This morning however, Mother Nature as the ocean taught me much about FREEDOM in the unexpected as I went for my leisurely walk! In Her I learnt about the following which may support you in your own journey to feel free right now:

On Being Wild – the waves were huge and the tides the most expansive and wild I’ve ever seen them. The water came all the way up to the banks of sand near the walkway. Immediately the Ocean showed me what was possible in taking up more space. She surged, swept, curved, and was so unapologetic in what she needed to do.

Letting Go – Each time the water gathered at my calves, it would at the same time be swept away. It gathered and then washed away and cleared the debris around me that was scattered everywhere. It was an epic pull at my feet to let go. And in that same moment the Ocean then roared in to shore toward me, as if there was even more of her splaying and flowing out in brilliance across expanses of golden sand. She took up every inch in her let go!

The (re)Cycle – The ebs and flows, the ins and outs of the forceful tide literally moved me. I was reminded on this new moon of the nature of this cycle we’re all in. Clearing the old, making way for the new. The Ocean moved everything she could out of her way that wasn’t meant to be there. And kept flowing.

Trust – I was ten minutes into walking through pools of salty water once hot fine sand, when the thought crossed my mind to turn back. There were already sections of wet heavy sludgy sand that provided moments of feeling stuck and uncomfortable. As I stood still and found my breath I could feel the Ocean melt the thick beach around my ankles, the water would pull out so I could move forward. The sensation of this from the soles of my feet was incredibly liberating – she actually and metaphorically made way for me to trust and keep walking!

Claiming Power – As the waves continued to blast loudly and declare the demanding state of matters, I tuned in to the essence of the Ocean’s creative power. The Ocean didn’t ask or seek feedback or approval from anyone; she knew with every sparkling drop that it was her responsibility with the power she had, to do what needed to be done. Period. Her creative power to overflow and move sand didn’t exist outside of her, but in the way she did what only she could do best. She changed currents. She claimed her rights and her power.

More excitement. More fun – I love that I realised how much I had come to expect what my walk would bring. When the Ocean presented more of herself today, it was unexpected. It was exciting to have been in this unknown conversation, this stretch of sand and water. There were a few of us that decided to keep walking and you know what? Everyone was smiling – laughing, shrieking with delight in running up and down with the tides, getting wet, opening to more.

I was reminded recently by a dear friend that we should always “keep a wonderful perspective”. In sharing my experience about the Ocean this morning, know in your heart it’s not so much about what you do to feel free, but choosing freedom in each moment. It’s with the perceptions and intentions you cultivate that you can experience what you want.

Perhaps these perspectives above may support you in your quest to feel freedom this season, this month, this year. Allow yourself to remember your wild. Be unapologetic. Let go. Know that this is a cycle and you WILL move through it. Trust. Claim your power and create room for the unexpected to bring more excitement, more fun, more magic, more connection!

To your true nature’s child..




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