I see you. And I honor you.

Born from a place of infinite oceanic yearn to swim further into the grace currents of deep connection, acknowledgement, appreciation, sacred value, heart polishing and be-ing here with you in the Mystery, I choose to look for more of the truth I desire to live.

During a challenging transition living in a new country that felt cold and disheartened in a marked time in our collective history ~ a city inflamed with protests and a severe call to survival, what I share with you here was my antidote to collapsing completely into the fear. Beyond the distrust the anger the superficiality the objectifying in the machine-efficiency culture of experience I’d encountered there that seemed to mist my existence, the only apparent solution within was to pause and truly see.

I felt and continue to feel in my bones as perhaps you do too, the way through is in see-ing all the way into this life rather than at it. Our spiritual cultivation matters. And we don’t need to go far to remember this. We are souls having this human experience and humans need humans more than anything, to remember.

Only you and I are responsible for infusing our lives with true sustenance in the infinity circle of giving and receiving Love. And the brief moments we have with others are the opportunity to savour and co-create our reality, at the same time surrender our resistance to its curriculum.

We See Love. These shared moments of see-ing, of the gratitude etched in my heart are an invitation to be more present. To inspire more Loving. Where we look is where we go. Intention and attention shape our experiences. My prayer is that we can together choose to focus on the virtues of Loving, kindness, care, grace, respect, presence, humility, truth, beauty, reverence. May we celebrate the strengths of others and elevate the electrical high frequency embodiment of soul-full, inner-connected appreciation and acceptance. We believe this lens this perception this energy this intelligence greater than what we can ever imagine, is what is and will continue to carry us all forward.

When we develop the inner eyes to see to really look and intentionally illuminate the good the beauty-full the Love, we remember that his and her nature is the same as yours and mine. I invite you beyond appearances and into the ocean ~ know the Divine gift of looking into someone’s eyes, of sharing another’s presence. S/he who seeks, finds.







*100% of all profits from We See Love are donated to women, children and families in need and to supporting the conservation of our planet’s oceans

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 Let’s stay connected to something greater and celebrate the blessings as we SEE Love BE Love and ILLUMINATE Love

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