Your Rubies. Your Juice. Your Transformation. Our Love.

Dec 2, 2017

In a world right now, your world in dire need of more Love, hear the call and let Love be your medicine. Can you let the movement in and toward Love be your guide? Can you create the pathways, relax and truly trust in your body, your soul, your heart; in the alchemy that Love will bring beyond your imagination?

“The spring of love arrives
to transform the dust into a garden.
The call is heard from the heavens
To bid the wings of soul to fly.

The sea becomes filled with pearls.
The dry Land receives the water of life.
The stone becomes a ruby,
And the body becomes all soul.”

Life truly is so precious, so fleeting. Those of us that have looked directly into the eye of death, either ourselves or through friends, family or any Loved ones, know the pain. The deeply devastating. The disorienting. The disassembling, The lure of fear so great. The loss. The barren void. Perhaps the crisp clarity of what this life is all about…

Death isn’t just attuned to the biological and physiological encounters you may experience; but also the metaphoric. The death of form of structure of that version of yourself that has played itself out and needs to die away, that doesn’t have use anymore, that doesn’t believe; the result of change.

Some part of you knows where to go, what to do, how to feel, how to let go, to remember, to return, to know what it means to savour, to cherish, to appreciate, to CHOOSE LOVE. As Joseph Campbell so eloquently said “we must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

I’ll bet there’s been a time in your life before now, where your ability to transcend what felt like the worst thing that has happened to you has catapulted you to a place you didn’t imagine, a place forward in time that felt so unbelievably, surprisingly good. You’ve felt the push and the pull. You’ve done this before and you can do it again. Let yourself shed the ways that aren’t making you smile. Go toward the pull, don’t push against it. Let go and move toward Love.

How do we do this? Slow down. Feel more. Choose how you want to feel and fill your life with those special people and experiences that support you to feel more of that. Give what you want to feel. Sharing is the solution, a service to Love to your heart in all its possibility and ways that can be happiness. I believe in you and your gift to make your way back.


Your Rubies. Your Juice. Your Transformation. IS LOVE.


Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who clicked her ruby heels and remembered she had the magic, her own inner resources in her the whole time to return home, so do you.

Move away from the fear in your head and into the Love in your heart. Forgive yourself from your past so you can be reborn. Make space for the newer insight, the updated embrace into Love and life. Be changed with Love. Move toward it with vigour with verve with trust. Be the inspiration for your family, your children, your friends and community to know all possibility, all healing, all miracles in Love. Drink deeply from these waters; feel the Love within you, treasure those who love you the most. Keep them close. Love them more.

Don’t wait until the call you hear is a result of a force that ends in pain; the symbolic and sometimes real sensation of what feels like a sledge hammer in rocks against metal. What if that old model of suffering doesn’t necessarily need to happen? Knowing what we do of this quantum world, why not let Love be NOW. NOW is the time. It’s all there is. The harder thing to do is to not do or be Love. Hold those you Love and who Love you as you are tightly. Tell them, show them how much you care. Pay attention to Love. Move toward it with all you can. Let it open and heal you in ways that can only surprise and delight you. Let the light in.


There can never be any regrets in Love. All that matters in the end is how much we Love, we smile, w(R)e JOY with each other.


May our Love always transform, create and find the way. May our rubies always shine bright,



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