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Stressed. Disconnected from your sensuality your sexuality, from feeling good in your body. Exhausted. You’re yearning for deeper intimacy. You want to express yourself more fully. Your relationship feels distant. You want to feel differently. You see the contrast of where you are now in your body and where you want to be and want the journey to be waaay more satisfying. Your nervous system knows the weight of tragedy and fear on the planet, through Mother Earth each day. Your emotions are overwhelming. You’re unclear about who you are. You want more conscious connection, more time for you. You desire to discover and live more pleasure. You want to create a greater impact in a more feminine way. Perhaps you want to enjoy your upcoming wedding or event. Maybe you’re preparing for a role in an upcoming movie.


And you most want to feel…


Wherever you are, whatever is going on for you are you willing to open your heart even more?


In this transformational window of time, we have the opportunity to work together in a way that combines all of my transformational modalities, tools, practices, intuition and know-how. We get to deep dive deep dance into your body, your spirit, your sensuality and your desires to navigate through your world. To unblock, to cultivate more of the love and possibility I know is within you. This is an invitation to more personal enquiry, into a realm of experience where your senses open wide to receive, time lingers and your soul is reminded of the whole woman you are.

We slow down. We move into a greater plan, into more permission, more freedom, more sacred pleasure.

Expect to bring your conscious energy and open heart to this expansive invitation. This landscape of celebration. This gift, specifically designed for you.

Four and a half or seven hours (option for a Half or Full Day), at a destination of your choice. Perhaps you have chosen to make some time for you where you live, perhaps you’re on vacation or retreat and craving a day just for you; our time together could include adding another day onto your retreat/event in South East Asia, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, New Zealand for example. Perhaps you want to revel at the place you’ll be married in next week, or the venue you’re celebrating an anniversary with your partner.  Perhaps you want the time just to yourself or, you may want to gather a few of your closest friends. You may want to be at a studio near you or beautiful space you or I know of. It could be a resort, it could be a studio, it could be the comfort of your own home, you could come to me; location deciding will be part of this experience to gift yourself the ultimate space to luxuriate in you.

During our time together I consciously support and guide in a way truly aligned and fluid to you. We’ll together architect a specifically attuned and personalised journey that will include exquisite movement, ritual, celebration;  a combination and culmination of all the practices and modalities I know to help you to clear and bring you into a place of feeling all you desire. You’ll also experience a specially designed Creative to ignite and activate your sensuality; indulging in and awakening each of your five senses, mentoring to support you to consciously raise your vibration and be on purpose and a personalized practice you can satiate in at home.

If you’re ready to feel luscious, alive, free, more open to receive; to navigate the rich tapestry of embodied truth and desire, to relax into your magnificent body and pulse with all your creative potential, send me an email here and we can organize your day of choice.

If you’re not sure if what you need support with fits or have any questions, contact me here.

Ready to book your

half day bespoke journey?




Ready to book your

full day bespoke journey?

Suz created space to open my heart. Our sessions were completely tailored and as a result of this beautiful journey, I felt so calm and completely surrounded by love. I was truly present and enjoyed every moment of my very special wedding day. Thank you so much Suz, you have a gift my gorgeous friend. 

Sophie Erskine

For me time with Suz is like a deep tissue massage of mind body & soul. By my second session I was releasing long held negative emotions. I experienced a lightness of being after that. Suz has a totally ‘heart based’ approach to her teaching which gives me the feeling that every one of my cells has been nurtured.

Annthea Mattheson

Whenever I’m with her or think about Suz, I feel and know the “Power of Love”.

There is an emerging trend for many people at this time being called to embody more of the feminine essence, to articulate the lost arts of the sacred and purify our thoughts with the power of love.  Suz is devoted to supporting individuals, groups and organizations to take this quantum leap of faith and live our most radiant light.

She is an embodiment of the heart chakra.  She is an incredibly sensitive being who is inspiring all of us to know what she knows  –  that love is the alchemy we are all looking for.

Rochelle Schieck

Founder of Qoya