Earth Kisses, Solstice and Love

Dec 21, 2020


Here on the east coast of Australia we prepare to live our longest day this year. Warm rain has fallen steadily; its scent fresh, crisp, sweet with release on this very special day the summer solstice. Especially significant this year as Jupiter and Saturn reach to kiss each other in the great conjunction, the celestial summit meeting that has been preparing in the skies for some time. They look so close it’s as if they’re one bright planet. How apropos for us to reflect, give thanks and love on our planet Mother Earth, the landscape of our very own bodies, our inner lives and those around us.

One of the ancient wisdom traditions and teachings I am dearly inspired by and connected to in many ways, that continues to nourish and ignite my be-ing, that supports me deeply to re-member and continue to re-connect, that restores faith and humility in this great Mystery, is the Andean Mysticism of the Q’ero in Peru. With a very grateful and always humbled heart for the devotion and heart work of Rochelle Schieck and Elizabeth Jenkins (who has dedicated over 30 years to preserving the indigenous wisdom of the Q’ero as a bridge worker, nurturing incredible relationships so that we are able to have direct connection with the Q’ero Elders), today a small group of us received the blessing of hearing some of the Q’ero Female Elders sharing live their invitation and reminders for this day, this time of what is said could be a great shift in our collective experience.

As I personally converge to meet the aspects of my journey this year that have been birthed and re-birthed to bring me to this page, I am so very inspired by what was shared. In the spirit of the prophecy of the Q’ero (more below), may you also receive some of the gifts that were given to be with your own journey, as we all travel through this passage embodied, into a new year together.

The Q’ero people exist  in small stone huts built 11000-14000 feet high in Andes. They say they “have no roads, no stores, no hospitals or doctors, all they have is Mother Nature and She supplies everything they need.” These humble wisdom keepers have highly developed personal and intimate relationships with Mother Earth and all the beings of nature. The Q’ero always remember that without our Earth, we would not be here. We receive everything we have from Mother Nature. Infused with ceremony and celebration each day, their practices are intrinsically inner-connected with Nature. From this complete place, they are always saying thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The Andean tradition is not Shamanism, it is Nature Mysticism. The Q’ero don’t go into trance to access what is termed non-ordinary reality. They enter what is already here and know inherently the super-natural just means extra natural and very natural. Everything is already here and they are able to live the reality of everything being living energy, in a very personal and intimate way.

The Q’ero talk about the world of living energy with the same point of view as modern physics. Everything is made of living energy therefore everything is consciousness ~ rivers trees mountains animals plants; the Earth has her own consciousness that we can directly relate with. We can directly relate and are intrinsically connected to the Earth because we all have a field of living energy surrounding our body that interacts with the all the other fields of living energy that is nature.

The Andean people come from the point of view that we are original virtue, which means we are inherently Divine, inherently trustworthy. Nature is inherently Divine, inherently trustworthy and full of love and offerings for all of us. We are part of a brilliant energetic ecosystem that works so very elegantly.

They say that “fruits are the kisses of Pachamama she bestows on her beautiful children (us) and that she loves to give us these beautiful kisses these sweet delicious delights and all of the beauty that she creates”. Because we come from original virtue we can believe in our own Divinity and trust our own inner nature that belongs to the greater nature.

The Andean people are Nature Mystics, in that everything magical and synchronistic and ultimate truth beyond what the intellect can reach, is already right here in lived experience. They believe nature is a manifestation of Divinity and we can connect to it, touch it, feel it, live it and breathe it. We can delight in it all the time.

We know when we spend time in nature, when we swim in the ocean, go for a walk, sit or lie on the grass and feel the sunshine or rain on our bodies, we somehow feel better. The Q’ero would say that this is because nature produces what they call sami which means nectar. A very fine, living energy that we need for our nourishment to feel well and alive and to help our whole energy system flow. Nectar.

We live in a world that has both sami (the nectar of the finest living energy) and hucha (which means heavy energy). There is no good or bad. The Q’ero know good and bad does not exist in nature so in the same way there is no bad living energy, it’s all good and the heavier aspects need to be reorganised in the best and needed spaces. The finer aspects of living energy, need to be continually tasted and drunk in by us for us, to remain healthy. Keeping the finer living energy flowing through is the basis of the Q’ero practices.

In this tradition it is our duty to be as grateful and as happy as possible because when we are full of nectar, we give it out to other people. We become overflowing with nectar this fine living energy and we improve the greater atmosphere of the Earth by being this. All these ancient wisdom practices are designed to lead us to more and more happiness, bliss, a greater sense of harmony and exchange with nature.

Andean priests share we are going through a collective shift; moving from a generalised emotional state of fear into love. They know that love will replace fear. Their prophecy for this time is called Taripay Pacha: The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again.

The prophecy of the Age of Meeting Ourselves Again is a positive one (yes!). If we understand ourselves as living energy as souls spirits energetic beings, in a body having a physical experience, and if we recognise each other as this the world will be different. They believe our ‘job’ here is to connect with a warm Loving heart and eyes that see Love ~ by truly looking into someone else’s eyes and appreciating the glory of their soul their inside essence, and connecting from our essence, we will know this.

The Q’ero say we are heading toward a Golden Age where everything that is not being lived or expressed from the soul, the purity of nature, will dissolve. This time period we live is about our evolution as human beings as opening the ability to share the gifts of each of us and of all our different cultures of the world. That this is what can happen when we are not afraid of each other, but are able to embrace difference and create harmony in that.

The Q’ero Elders spoke “We have to let the fears go, have to let the worries go, the grief and the anger, and give it back to the Earth. In between the tying of the knots, this is the time to connect with the power of the Sun. Think of what you will need for the next year and express it. You have to call on Nature and connect. This is the time of healing. Make your personal offering in Nature.”

They encouraged each person present to re-connect to nature by making offerings, also called haywariquy (which translates to “offer with one’s own hand”) and more commonly referred to as despachos.

If you haven’t already, here is an invitation to make a nature offering to the Earth to your body of Life. This solstice in the Light of a sky meet and grounding into possibility wherever you find yourself right now, may you always remember the inner-connectedness of us all and find the ways to be grateful.


How to make a nature offering this solstice


Create Space

Reflect What is true for you? What may need tending and gentility and nurture right now? What has your lived experience this year brought forward for you? Can you allow yourself to know what it is the tension the fear the anger the worries the grief the judgements you are ready to let go of? What have you noticed in the people the world around you calling for more Loving? How can you choose Love and meet yourself in a deeper way? What nature around you can you recognise as part of yourself? What fruits can you share with others in support?

Let it be simple and sacred 

Set an intention to connect with Nature

Gather an offering/offerings from Nature where you live

Always ask for permission and listen. Feel into what flowers, leaves or food (being mindful of what is biodegradable and supportive to the ecosystem you are offering) are being called

Set up your offering of Beauty with these in a way that resonates for you, infusing prayer/intention into this gift you will give to the Earth

Blow appreciation in three breaths into the offering and attune to the elements around you One breath from your heart, one breath from your mind and one breath from your body

Offer gratitudes for the Earth, your body, this year this journey that has been 2020. Be generous in your thank yous

Make a direct request for support for your life and offer your challenges to the Earth Listen and receive guidance

Make your intentions your vision heard and offer your dreams and desires present

Continue to connect and listen for guidance Receive. Be the receptive body you are to the messages, synchronicities and magic!


Urpi Chai Sonqollay (thank you in Quechua, translated as “doves fly in my heart”). I am grateful for you.

May we all keep finding the ways to choose Love,


For more sacred connection always find a way to spend time with Rochelle Schieck and Qoya . For more information on the Q’ero and Andean traditions and the Wiraqocha Foundation visit



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