You are Electric Love

Dec 6, 2020


Does your inner Light feel dim, clouded, perhaps even switched off right now as you continue to travel through this global call to more?

For so many of us this year of 2020 has been one of the most challenging yet. Our world as we know it has changed dramatically. The scriptures under our skin have been summoned. The very resources of our own bodies activated to call us into wholehearted awareness of ourselves, our values, our sacred, our desires, into a deeper understanding of what is true for each of us individually and as a collective swimming together in these great tides of reorganisation.

Did you know that this awareness activation, the energy that allows us to keep swimming is actually bioelectricity? Everything you do, how you are Loving is enabled by bioelectrical signals surging within you; your heart be-ing the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in your body. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says ‘the thoughts you think, the language and vibration of the words you communicate send electrical messages into the field and the feelings you generate magnetically draw experience to you.’


Bioelectricity is how your body communicates


Did you know the electrical charge the electricity streaming through your cells, your fascia, your meridians, your entire body of life has a potential power to generate greater than 3.5 trillion volts?! This Divine charge is a LOT of Loving, a very very bright Light capable of tremendous healing, growth, transformation, and manifesting a magnificent life. This is also a vast amount of aliveness, of giving and receiving, that can be dimmed or turned off by how you may respond to the external waves around you.

To tussle with the parts of us that would deny aliveness is a natural part of growth. And requires the utmost attention and Loving care. You are being invited to commit to coming more alive, to butterfly your way in the ocean of life that lives within, even if at times this feels deeply testing, perhaps like this time space now.


How do you turn on your very own electric aliveness?


Slow Down
Invoke a place of personal responsibility to summon a higher template of Love for your Self and others. Slow down your walk, your talk, your breath, the hurry of moving from one place or person to another, of getting things done.

Tune in to the power of your heart by simply breathing deeply into and from your heart. Acknowledge what is present for you and begin to connect with your present time experience.

Slow down to be present to and appreciate the genius of your sensate experience and guiding. What is your body feeling, what are you see-ing, tasting as you savor each moment; the way you eat your food, how the fabric of your clothes feels on your body.. what is the aroma romancing your nose?


Create Space
Create more spaciousness in your day to relax. Cut out the noise, the screen time, everybody else’s opinion. Open up more time to sleep and rest as if your life depends on it, as it very well might. Design more sacred time for you to be with the wisdom of the conscious cosmic vital electricity, that greater intelligence that is known when there is space to receive.

Sacred space is where as Joseph Campbell says “you can find yourself again and again.” This could be pausing in your favorite place in the house or in nature for 10-30 minutes (or more). It could be a meditation practice. It could be prioritising time for what and who you love. It could be leaving extra time between your appointments so you’re not rushing. It could be prayer. It could be giving yourself permission to do absolutely nothing. You choose.

Electricity can manifest as light through a light bulb enabling the possibility to read at night. It also manifests as heat through a stove, creating possibility to cook or warm a meal. There are so many ways to create space – let your choice be consciously restorative, a ritual you return to every day to be in deeper listening.


Truth-full Words
The relationship with yourself and others is organised by an electric web of Loving intelligence that originates in each cell of your body. The language of your cells is electrical, communicating in every moment as a response to the words of your thoughts the words you speak to yourself and the words you are inspired to share with the people and world around you.

Your words matter

The answers you are seeking to whatever is occurring in your life right now, are found in the deep respect and reverence for what is true for you. Instead of withdrawing or contracting with fear, projecting or seeking externally, take time to be in the conscious understanding of the Loving Truth (your poetry) that you know in your heart. Let what you think, be, say and action align in coherence. Know what is true for you, what is congruent within, and be with the integrity of your shared words in the eloquent creation of what you speak.

This awareness can be created through journaling, stream of consciousness writing, adding more kindness into the way you talk to yourself your family your friends your colleagues your clients. Saying thank you. It could be writing poetry. It could be writing a letter or email. Practice the power of your words. Notice the energy they evoke. The words you speak become the reality that you live.

The words you use continually every day, the meanings you attach to them are patterns of your life expression. These are the experience you live. It is said words are a tremendous force of which the electricity generated by a million Niagaras could never counteract the smallest potentiality, when directed with conscious Loving. Let the vibration of kindness, care and respect of that you speak create and inspire more Love.


Move Your Body
Find a way to move your body in a way that feels good for you, in a way that you enjoy. The e-motion in your body is energy in motion. To ensure this doesn’t get stuck, frozen or contracted in unhealthy patterns, it’s vital to find an embodiment practice that embraces your electric feelings in a supportive way.

This could be dance, yoga, walking in nature, tai chi. Turn up your favorite song and give yourself permission to move without inhibition. Let movement be your medicine, a way you can let go, clear and remember your essence. Move what you feel. Notice what happens.

See if you can welcome more space within by harnessing your emotions through movement. Maybe even practicing your movement as a form of prayer, as a gesture of your willingness to receive what you want.


Every living be-ing has a bioelectric charge. Including the food, plants and all creations of Mother Earth. Just as a plant needs fertile soil, water, sunshine, air and space to grow, so does your body.

Nourish your living temple with real food – the electrical tasting and energy that comes from the nutrient that is our beloved Earth. Eat organic where you can. Lots of dark leafy greens. Enjoy the nectar from the ripest fruits the garden drips like pomegranites, figs, strawberries and watermelon. Pour Love and gratitude into your preparation for each meal. Drink clean water.

Spend time outside in the sunshine and the breeze, the breath of the planet and just like a plant or tree is pulled by an electromagnetic force up toward the sun, let your body also feel that energy invite you to rise up.


Direct physical contact with the enormous supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth, is essential for balancing your health and vitality. Attune to the pulse of Mother Earth and all that She consciously offers.

Earthing (or grounding) where you walk or lie barefoot outside or sit, work or sleep indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth’s electricity from the ground into the body, has been proven to reduce pain, help you sleep better and calm your nervous system. Take a walk outside in the park or on the beach, enjoy a picnic, swim in the ocean, lay down in the grass, feel the dew or sand between your toes and welcome this electric connecting to revitalise your Spirit. Allow yourself to be present and feel the magnetic current of energy below your feet. Lean in to the songs of the ancient trees around you and feel your tension to melt away.


Connect with Pleasure
Pleasure is the ambassador to your electricity, your turn on, the ultimate spark to more life. It is the result of creating and feeding your soul with what you enjoy, what brings you bliss. Start with gratitude. Connect in to finding awe in your life. That deep appreciation and wonder of a beautiful sunset, the gift of your Beloved, the kindness of a stranger, time spent with a loved one, the caress of sunlight on bare skin, see-ing beauty right in front of you, within you, in the presence of somebody else.

Electric pleasure can be activated in your Loving presence; through dancing, making love, creating art, savouring the most delicious meal, be-ing with nature, see-ing receiving the soul gaze and energetic texture of another, listening to a score of your favorite music, creating beauty through writing, poetry, drawing, time with your Beloved and/or with soul friends, singing, inhaling the scent of your favorite flower or picking out exquisite furnishings. Whatever is in your pleasure, experience more of it. Every day.

Acknowledge the mysterious depths of Electric Love, the language of your be-ing that brings the unseen into seen, the agency of the sacred that lives within and all around you. That that goes beyond words; that which allows you to translate the ineffable into pleasure.

When you honor yourself enough to slow down, create space, nourish and embody your truth and pleasure, internal rivers flow. The moisture of Loving creates bioenergetic electrical stimulus in your body. An electromagnetic eloquence in the field sparks the creation of poetry in motion: your effervescent aliveness! It will pull you forward into the life that is waiting for you to live.





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